Welcome to ZNC project of Raccoon Projects

Getting Started

Hello and welcome to the informational website of Raccoon Projects - Zouncer. This is a bouncer project (BNC), which is currently authorized for the OnlineGamesNet (OGN) and MagNET IRC networks, although in case you want to join another network, we have no problems doing so. We have a multilingual support team, so you can contact us in English, Spanish, German and / or Portuguese.

This project is currently operational. If you need an account for our ZNC, follow these steps:

  1. You need to have an account currently created in the network in which you want the ZNC.
  2. Enter the project channel (in OGN) #Raccoon. In case you do not have an account and you want it for another network, you can use this link.
  3. Tell us what you need. (This is also valid for ticket support).

What we offer at the moment.

  • You can only have 1 ZNC per account in the IRC network.
  • The old 'awaynick' is ready for use. (more information when registering)
  • You can add up to 2 networks to the ZNC account, although in case you need to add an extra network, you must make a donation to the project, in which you set the amount.
  • For the cases in which the IRC channel says 'Support: Offline', you can send us a ticket using this link.
  • You can request additional functions by contacting our support.