What's new in Raccoon ZNC R2

We have updated the version of ZNC to the version RcZNC v1.6.8, it's necessary to emphasize something, this version is a modification to the official version (v1.6.5), by TRKS-CL exclusively for Raccoon ZNC Project using OpenSource extras. First of all, we have eliminated some innecesary modules, not used and not compatible with the OGN network.The modules removed are as follows:

  • Crypt
  • DisconKick
  • IMAPAuth
  • NickServ
  • Q
  • SASL

Within the new changes, we have changed the web interface of the project based on Project Firrre, which is a visual modification using BootstrapTwitter. Another thing included recently, is the possibility of using the ZNC from the web thanks to a WebIRC from this page in the menu Zouncer> WebChat. To use this service please contact #racccoon support by any means and being authenticated in your OGN account, this way you will be provided with the WebChat password.

Once obtained the Login and the Password you can change only the password in the menu of adjustments that is found by pressing the gear in the bottom left of the WebChat.

To finish here is the list of new modules included and a mini summary of its functionality:

  • AntiIdle: Hide your time of absence.
  • ClientAway: Allows you to configure the absence independently of the automatic absence message.
  • Colloquy: Support included for the Colloquy IRC client (iOS).
  • Lastfm: Shows the song you are currently listening to last.fm.
  • Znc-push: Notifications for various external programs to ZNC, these are: boxcar, nma, pushover, pushsafer, prowl, supertoasty, pushbullet, nexmo, pushjet, telegram, slack.

Thanks you for choosing us as your BNC / ZNC provider.
Project Administrators